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There is nothing more satisfying than a good workout. With the expert help of REALLEADER Fitness, you too can get into the best shape of your life. Lose fat and get jacked with a complete selection of aerobic and strength training equipment including the treadmill, Smith machine, and seated chess press. Remember to consult our full catalogue for complete product listings.

    1. Treadmill

      If you want to exercise in all weathers, RCT-800 treadmill would be your first choice for aerobic exercise which improves your physical fitness, strengthens your cardio-pulmonary function, helps you lose weight and burn redundant heat, and relieves stress of your mind and body.

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    1. Elliptical Trainer

      Our elliptical trainer has many satisfying features. Its 7.5-inch new LCD of high precision and blue light displays exercise date more accurately, and the best distance interval of 20 inches best fits ergonomics. The multi-position handle allows user to find the most comfortable position on the handle.

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    1. Rowing Machine

      Based on the simulation of boating, R100 rowing machine helps strengthen muscles of leg, waist, arm, chest, and back, so it is fit for those who have more fat on waist, belly, and upper haunch and those who always work before computer and have little time to exercise.

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    1. M2 Series

      A simple design and construction, utilizes a concealed double-pulley mechanism. Emulational exercise schematic, and colorful covers not only offers security but also visual impact.

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    1. M7-1001 Seated Chest Press

      M7-1001 seated chest press is equipped with picture of operating instructions, which is designed for correct setting and use.
      The shrink radian of movement is similar to that of dumbbell.
      Independent exercise arm ensures better balance of force training
      Handle can be easily adjusted to a position you like when you are seated.

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    1. HS-1011 Iso-Lateral Low Row

      HS-1011 iso-lateral low row features independent movement and separating pulling angle, and decreasing force curve realizes full effect fitness by gradually reducing acting force at the latter period of movement. Moreover, chest cushion of large size improves stability of wide-range collective movement of muscle groups. Besides, multiple positions for grip satisfy various exercise needs.

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    1. FM-1002 Adjustable Dual Pulley

      FM-1002 adjustable dual pulley has 23 adjustable positions on its stainless steel column which provides 225 ways of strength training. There are two pulleys, and the resisting force ratio of weight stack is 1:4, so low initial resisting force is realized for high speed movement.

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    1. FM-1011 Smith Machine

      The Olympic rod of FM-1011 Smith machine is equipped with resistance balance device which contributes to zero resistance. There are two safety devices that can be moved up and down based on the type of exercise. Moreover, the inclination of two front supports stimulates eye muscles more efficiently.

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    1. FW-1001 Olympic Flat Bench

      FW-1001 Olympic flat bench, structure and design of which pay attention to details, is a kind of strength fitness equipment which fits all fitness places. The handle features comfort and feeling of control. Moreover, the bracket is equipped with protective device which prevents burr shale from abrasion.

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  • Our Advantages
  • The product of our company has reached mature stage after more than ten years of development. Our ability of volume production can reduce delivery time, and the use of robot welding can be more accurate and efficient, and master workers in workshop complete the whole working procedure, from material preparation to assembly, so we can reduce cost of outside processing.

  • Services
  • We provide accurate product information online, including pictures and parameters of each series of products. Our salesman will recommend suitable product to you according to your actual demand. Customized service is also available. Besides, free sample can be offered to customer who purchases a large number of products, but customer should bear the freight.

  • VCS and GHG
  • We have taken a series of measures to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. We prefer to use natural lighting, and lamp brightness will be increased or decreased reasonably according to the weather. Moreover, we regularly clean lamps to make sure that they are in the best state.

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  • Realleader Fitness International Co., Ltd. has branches all over the world. The company has set up a professional R&D team in America to keep an eye on the trend of design of international fitness equipment, and it also has affiliated agencies in ...

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